The Ûmeri Empire (also known as Ûmerau Empire or simly Ûmeria) was the first great nation of Men, encompassing the length of the River Aumris, founded after the overthrow of the Trysean God-Kings c. 430[1].


Known Rulers Edit


  1. Cel-Ongonean is never actually stated to have been a ruler of the Ûmeri Empire, but it can be assumed this was the case, since his defeat at the Battle of River Axau directly led to the beginning of the Cond Yoke.
  2. Iswolor is not confirmed to have been a king of the Ûmeri Empire, but it is likely this was the case, as it is mentioned he died in the Plains of Agongorea, "his bones as old as Ûmerau".
  3. Nincama-Telesser is mentioned to have lived from 574 to 668 in The False Sun. As the same dates of birth and death are given for Nincaerû-Telesser II in the Encyclopedic Glossary, it's possible they were intended to be the same individual and the name "Nincama-Telesser" is either a mistake or an alternate name for Nincaerû-Telesser II. If the dates given in The False Sun are not considered canonical, it is possible that Nincama-Telesser instead reigned between Nincaerû-Telesser I and Nincaerû-Telesser II.
  4. Wulta-Ongorean is never actually referred to as a ruler of the Ûmeri Empire; this assumption and his title of Emperor are based on the fact that his daughter Avalunsil became Empress after his death.


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