Prince of Nothing

Aörsi is a lost nation of the Ancient North.

Aörsi was founded in the 1556 partitioning of Greater Kûniüri between the sons of Anasûrimbor Nanor-Ukkerja I at his death. Even contemporaries recognized Aörsi as the most warlike of the ancient Norsirai nations, though her ambitions remained uniquely defensive rather than expansionist. Sparsely populated save for the regions surrounding her capital, Shiarau, Aörsi faced considerable and unrelenting pressure from the Sranc and Bashrag tribes of th Yimaleti Mountains to the north, not to mention the Consult legions of Golgotterath across the River Sursa to the west -- a challenge that would spur the construction of Dagliash, the greatest fortress of the age. It is no accident that the word sursa came to mean "front line" across the Ancient North.

Aörsi's history is one of ingenuity and determination in the face of neverending crises. Perhaps it is fitting that her destruction in 2136 during the Apocalypse was due more to the betrayal of her southern Kûniüri cousins than to any real failure on the part of Anasûrimbor Nimeric, her final King[1].


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