Prince of Nothing

Akksersia is a lost nation of the Ancient North.

Though the White Norsirai of the north shore of the Cerish Sea lacked any sustained contact with the Nonmen, they gradually became the second great seat of Norsirai civilization. Akksersia was founded in 811 by Salaweärn I, following the dissolution of the Cond Yoke. Though confined to the city of Myclai, her commercial and administrative capital, the nation gradually expanded its hegemony, first along the length of the River Tywanrae, then across the Plains of Gâl and the entire north shore of the Cerish Sea. By the time of the First Great Sranc War in 1251, it was the largest of the ancient Norsirai nations, incorporating almost all the White Norsirai tribes save those of the Istyuli Plains.

It fell to the No-God after three disastrous defeats in 2149. Akkserian colonists on the Cerish Sea’s heavily forested south shore would form the nucleus of what would become the Meöri Empire.[1]



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