Prince of Nothing

Something must be eaten.
—Anasûrimbor Kayûtas

Anasûrimbor Kayûtas is the first son and eldest child of Kellhus and Esmenet, and General of the Kidruhil. He was named after Anasûrimbor Nau-Cayûti[1].


Kayûtas closely resembles his father, Kellhus[2]. He is tall and slender[2], and has blond hair[3], blue eyes[4] and a long face[2]. His hair is cropped very short, revealing the contours of his skull[2] (however, by the time the Great Ordeal reaches Agongorea, it has grown enough to be described as "flowing")[5]. He has a plaited beard[3].


What Came Before[]

Kayûtas was born in Shimeh, close enough to Moënghus's birth that the two were raised as fraternal twins[6].

The Judging Eye[]

Kayûtas rides with his father's Great Ordeal, leading the Kidruhil[7].

The White-Luck Warrior[]

At the Eleventh Council of Potentates, Anasûrimbor Kellhus declares the breaking of the Great Ordeal, and Kayûtas is given command of the Men of the Middle North[8].

The Great Ordeal[]

The Unholy Consult[]

At the first Council after Dagliash, Prince Nurbanu Ze openly confronts Proyas, claiming that Kellhus died in the fire. Kayûtas slays him in the blink of an eye, restoring the Anasûrimbor authority over the Great Ordeal.

Despite his Dunyain origins, Kayûtas, along with the whole Ordeal, succumbs to the Meat. He and the Exalt-General Nersei Proyas become lovers for some time. It is Kayûtas who bids Proyas accept cannibalism, claiming that something must be eaten. As the Great Ordeal falls on the Scalded, Kayûtas does participate. When Serwa and Sorweel see him, the kilt on his groin is stained with blood, implying that he took part in the unholy congress with dead or dying Ordealmen.

Later on, Kayûtas is involved in the assault at Golgotterath. He and his sister Serwa fight the great dragon Scuthula guarding the Intrinsic Gate. Kayûtas' fate after the Resumption is unclear.



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