Prince of Nothing


Anasûrimbor Koringhus was a Dûnyain Monk and son of Anasûrimbor Kellhus.  He and his son were the only survivors of the Consult destruction of Ishuäl.


Anasûrimbor Koringhus has the appearance a Dûnyain Norsirai with light-coloured skin and blond hair, however he is horribly disfigured from years battling the Consult during the final days of Ishuäl.

His skin was heavily scarred, burned and damaged. He was missing one cheek, which left a hollow in his face that exposed gums and broken teeth.

Despite his horrible disfigurements, Achamian was still able to see the physical traits of the Anasûrimbor line.[1]


What Came Before[]

At some point before leaving Ishuäl, Anasûrimbor Kellhus was selected to be a Father.  Whether his son was born before he sent away is unknown.

Sometime between the events of The Warrior-Prophet[2] and The Great Ordeal, the Consult finally discovered Ishuäl, the home of the Dûnyain.  After legions of Sranc assaulted the fortress from the Demua Mountains in the east, to no avail, Nonmen Qûya approached from Injor-Niyas to the west and decimated the exterior of the stronghold.  The Dûnyain, having been taught that sorcery is a lie, were completely unprepared.  Many simply awaited their death while others barricaded themselves in the Thousand Thousand Halls below.

The Dûnyain fought the Consult within the Labyrinth for years, with immense losses on both sides.  When the last of the Sranc finally succumbed, Koringhus and the Boy were the only two Dûnyain remaining.

The Great Ordeal[]

Unbeknownst to Achamiam and Mimara, Korinhgus spies them while they are still descending the glaciers towards Ishuäl.  When the pair discover the Fathering in the Upper Galleries of the Thousand Thousand Halls, Koringhus, still unknown to Achamian and Mimara, instructs The Boy to approach them alone before eventually making himself known.  He confronts them asking if his father has grasped the Absolute.

Koringhus decides that he must find his father, and that travelling with Achamian and Mimara is the best way to accomplish this task.  He and the Boy travel with them as they head north along the Demua Mountains. During their journey, Koringhus eventually asks Mimara to gaze upon him with her sight.  He then begins to realize that everything the Dûnyain believed was flawed, if not an outright lie.  He knows that he is mad and that the madness is getting worse.  Mimara eventually offers him Qirri, which pushes his madness to the brink; he decides that the Shortest Path to the Absolute is by ending his life. He throws himself off a peak in the northern Demua Mountains, where he plummets to his death some thirty cubits below.


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  2. Assumption based on the Consult's interrogation of the Werigda at the end of The Warrior-Prophet, suggesting they still did not know of Ishuäl at this point.