Prince of Nothing

Anasûrimbor Nau-Cayûti (“Blessed Son” in Ûmeritic) officially was the youngest son of Anasûrimbor Celmomas II and his wife Suriala. But perhaps he was a bastard child of Seswatha and the Queen.

Nau-Cayûti was famed for his heroism and martial brilliance during the dark days after the fall of Aörsi (2136), when the nation of Kûniüri stood alone against the menace of the Consult. He rose to fame in the Battle of Ossirish, where he routed the Consult forces and personally killed the dragon Tanhafut the Red. After this, he became popularly known as Murswagga, the Dragonslayer. Many of his exploits are recounted in The Sagas.[1]

His last great deed was infiltrating Golgotterath itself, together with his mentor and possible father Seswatha, where they stole the mysterious Heron Spear. This daring exploit was motivated by Nau-Cayûti’s desperate desire to rescue his favorite concubine, Aulisi. Mandate commentators dispute the account found in The Sagas, where they successfully return with both Aulisi and the Heron Spear, claiming that Aulisi was never found.

Nau-Cayûti died shortly after the theft of the Heron Spear. According to The Sagas, he was murdered with poison by his wife, Iëva.[2]

However, visions into the past, received by Drusas Achamian through Seswatha’s Dreams, suggested that the poison merely paralyzed him. Iëva was in reality working for the Consult, and made sure to bury her husband alive rather than burning him.[3] Nau-Cayûti was then exhumed from his grave by Aurang and taken as a prisoner to Golgotterath. Nau-Cayuti later embraced the Consult's vision after viewing the Inverse Fire; nonetheless the Consult used his soul to create the No-God by placing him in the Carapace. [4]


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