Prince of Nothing

Anasûrimbor Serwa is the second daughter and third child of Kellhus and Esmenet, and Grandmistress of the only school for sorceresses in Eärwa, the Swayal Sisterhood. She was named after Serwë[1].


Serwa is considered very beautiful[2]. She is tall and slender[3], with long flaxen hair[3] and blue eyes[4]. Her skin is pale[4], and she has freckles about the bridge of her nose[5]. Her profile resembles that of her mother on the silver Kellic[5].

After she is hit by a pulse of the Sun Lance during the battle for Golgotterath[6], Serwa is severely burned. Her hair is almost completely burned off, and ulcerating burns cover the majority of her body, with only part of her face, the lower part of her legs and pubic area remaining unburnt[7]. Close to the end of her duel with Skuthula, Serwa is struck by a Chorae, which salts off part of her right arm[8].


Serwa is widely thought to be the most powerful witch in the world[9][10]. She is one of only three sorcerers capable of performing Metagnostic cants such as the Cant of Translocation[4].


What Came Before[]

Serwa was born in Carythusal[11] during the Unification Wars[12]. At the age of three, it was discovered that she possessed the Gift of the Few and she was sent to Iothiah to be raised among the Swayal witches[11]. Esmenet, who was strongly opposed to this decision, never quite forgave Kellhus for it[11].

The Judging Eye[]

Serwa is mentioned as marching with her father and her brothers Moënghus and Kayûtas in the Great Ordeal[11]. She is present in the meeting Sorweel has with Kayûtas (in which he is informed a tutor has been chosen for him)[2]. Serwa also attends the Council of Potentates, in which Sorweel is declared a Believer-King[1].

The White-Luck Warrior[]

Serwa, Moënghus, and Sorweel are sent to the Nonman mansion of Ishterebinth to act as hostages.

It is revealed she suffers the same nightmares experienced by Mandate Schoolmen of the Apocalypse as witnessed through Seswatha's eyes[4].

The Great Ordeal[]

The Unholy Consult[]

Serwa duels the great Wracu known as Skuthula the Black within the Intrinsic Gate during the final cataclysmic battle for Golgotterath[8].



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