Angeshraël is the most famed Old Prophet of the Tusk, responsible for leading the Five Tribes of Men into Eärwa. Also known as the Burnt Prophet for bowing his face into his fire after confronting Husyelt at the foot of Mount Eshki. His wife was named Esmenet.[1]

Angeshraël had a son by Esmenet, Oresh, but sacrificed him at Mount Kinsureah to demonstrate his conviction to the Tribes of Men.[2]


“The Prophet Angeshraël came down from his fast on Mount Eshki. Husyelt, the Tusk tells us, sent a hare to him, so he might eat at last. Angeshraël skinned the Hunter’s gift and struck a fire so he might feast. When he had eaten and was content, sacred Husyelt, the Holy Stalker, joined him at his fire, for the Gods in those days had not left the world in the charge of Men. Angeshraël, recognizing the God as the God, fell immediately to his knees before the fire, not thinking where he would throw his face.”
“Like a young man on his wedding night, he erred in his eagerness …”
“And the God said, ‘Why does our Prophet fall to his knees only? Are not Prophets Men like other Men? Should they not throw their faces to the earth?’ To which Angeshraël replied, ‘I find my fire be­fore me.’ And peer­less Husyelt said, ‘The fire burns across earth, and what fire con­sumes be­comes earth. I am your God. Throw your face to the earth.’”
“So Angeshraël, the Tusk tells us, bowed his head into the flames.”

—The Chronicle of the Tusk[3]


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