Prince of Nothing

Anissi was the favourite wife of Cnaiür urs Skiötha[1]. She was half-Norsirai[2].


What Came Before[]

Anissi married Cnaiür at an unknown date. They had at least one child together, a daughter named Sanathi.

The Darkness That Comes Before[]

Anissi is present when Cnaiür returns to the Utemot camp and kills Yursalka and his kin[2]. She expresses relief at the fact he survived Kiyuth[2].

After Cnaiür finds Kellhus, Anissi talks to her husband about him[3]. She tells him Kellhus claimed the dead men found with him were from Atrithau and his followers[3]. Anissi also confesses that she is as frightened of Kellhus as she is of Cnaiür himself[3].

Later, Cnaiür strikes Anissi after he sees her weeping during his torture of Kellhus[3]. She is also present (along with Cnaiür's other wives) when the two men depart[3].

According to Kellhus, Cnaiür prizes Anissi above his other wives because she is the only one to weather his torment and still love him[3]. He also believes Cnaiür's interest in Serwë is due to the fact that she reminds him of Anissi[4].

The Warrior-Prophet[]

As he thinks about Serwë, Cnaiür also imagines Anissi sleeping far away, holding their daughter Sanathi close[5].

The Thousandfold Thought[]

Anissi appears in one of Cnaiür's nightmares[6].

Later Events[]

Anissi died of unknown causes in 4113[7].


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