Prince of Nothing

The Barricades were a sorcerous barrier erected across the entrance to the Incû-Holoinas by Emilidis on the order of his High King, Nil’giccas, thus concluding the Cûno-Inchoroi Wars.

The Barricades are one of the Sublime Contrivances of Emilidis. Though easily the most significant of the Artisan’s Aporos defying works, the Barricades remain largely a mystery. The few extant descriptions that remain are apocryphal and inconsistent.[1]

The Barricades apparently wholly barred entry to or exit from the Ark for over two thousand years (and potentially far longer) until they were destroyed circa 1100 Year-of-the-Tusk. However, there are contradictory elements in this timeline. Cet’ingira allegedly returned the Heron Spear to the Ark in 750, which is clearly not possible if the Ark was still sealed (the records may be garbled and meant that he took it to Golgotterath, the fortress-complex erected at the base of the Ark by the Inchoroi's servants). Aurax and Aurang were also said to be hiding in the Ark until they were released, but allegedly were active in the World over a millennia earlier when they gave the The Chronicle of the Tusk to the men of Eänna. These matters remain debatable.

What is known is that, after years and maybe decades of careful study of the obstruction, Shaeönanra and Cet’ingira joined their sorcery together to shatter the Barricades and render the Ark accessible once more.[2]


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