Prince of Nothing

Caraskand is a major city and great caravan entrepôt of the southwestern Three Seas. It is the administrative and commercial capital of Enathpaneah.[1] Caraskand was the site of a pivotal battle in 4112 between the host of Kascamandri ab Tepherokar, the Padirajah of Kian, and the First Holy War under Anasûrimbor Kellhus.[2]

The city is built on nine heights, five of which surround its central quarter known as the Bowl.[3] The Heights of the Bull are the location of the Fama Palace, the residence and administrative seat of the Warrior-Prophet during the First Holy War’s stay at Caraskand.[4][5] The Sapatishah’s Palace is located on the Kneeling Heights.[6][7]

Caraskand’s outermost fortifications are known as the Triamic Walls, and were raised by Triamis the Great in 2568.[8] Two of its main gates are the Gate of Horns, and its northernmost gate, the Ivory Gate, so named because of the pale limestone used to construct it.[9][10]

Caraskand also houses the Csokis, a derelict Inrithi temple complex located in the great campus of Kalaul, which was the site of the Warrior-Prophet’s Circumfixion beneath Umiaki.[11][12][13]


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