Prince of Nothing

Ce Tydonn in 4109.

Ce Tydonn is a Norsirai nation of the Three Seas, located north of Conriya on the eastern shoreline of the Meneanor Sea, founded in 3742 in the wake of Cengemis’s collapse.


The first mention of the Tydonni is found in Casidas’s The Annals of Cenei, where he mentions their raids across the River Swa. Descendants of the White Norsirai refugees from the Apocalypse, the ancestors of the Tydonni are thought to have occupied the southern regions of the Dameöri Wilderness for centuries, prevented by their native fractiousness and infighting from causing much difficulty for their southern Ketyai neighbours. However, at some point in the thirty-eighth century, they united into one army, and with little difficulty they attacked and overwhelmed the people of Cengemis at the Battle of Marswa in 3722. The Cengemi were subjugated by the Tydonni, who settled down in their land. But it wasn’t until King Haul-Namyelk finally succeeded in unifying the various Tydonni tribes under his absolute authority in 3741 that Ce Tydonn proper came into existence.


Perhaps the most peculiar and distinctive predilection of the Tydonni is found in their racial beliefs. Ti dunn literally means “struck iron” in their tongue, reflecting their old belief that their people have been purified and pruned by the ordeal of the Apocalypse and the crucible of their long wandering through the harsh Dameöri Wilderness. They hold that this gives them “privileged blood,” rendering them morally, intellectually, and physically superior to other races. They believe the darker-skinned races to be unclean and polluted, and look down upon them. This has made the Tydonni cruel overlords of their Cengemi subjects, who have often rebelled against them.[1]




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