Prince of Nothing

I am a warrior of ages, Anasurimbor ... ages. I have dipped my nimil in a thousand hearts. I have ridden both against and for the No-God in the great wars that authored this wilderness. I have scaled the ramparts of great Golgotterath, watched the hearts of High Kings break for fury.

Cet’ingira, also known as Mekeritrig (“Traitor of Men” in Kûniüric), is an Erratic Nonman Siqû and powerful Qûya who revealed the location of the Min-Uroikas to the School of Mangaecca in 777, and who would become a ranking member of the Consult during the Apocalypse.[1]

What Came Before[]

Cet’ingira was sent on an expedition together with two Ishroi into the depths of the Incû-Holoinas by Nil’giccas following the end of the Cûno-Inchoroi Wars. They beheld the Inverse Fire. The two Ishroi, Misariccas and Runidil, were driven to madness by the sight of it, while Cet’ingira appeared able to keep his wits. Upon returning, Cet’ingira advised the King to have the other two killed. Unknown to the others, Cet'ingira had also been affected, and was now wholly convinced of Damnation and the Inchoroi's mission to close the world to the Outside.[2]

Over the following centuries, Cet'ingira disguised his true intentions. It was he who advised Nil'giccas to begin the Nonman Tutelage of the Men - ostensibly to teach the Nonmen's knowledge to the younger race, but in reality so that he could secretly pass on the Inchoroi's revelation.

The Darkness That Comes Before[]

Anâsurimbor Kellhus meets Cet'ingira on his long way south in the ruins of a Nonman fortress after killing a pack of Sranc. Cet'ingira, amused, eyes the many dead Sranc around Kellhus and notes that among those killed by him, one was his Eljû, a Sranc he and other Nonmen used as a "book". He then attacks after Kellhus prods him with various questions, and he senses that Kellhus has the same blood as one of the many skinned faces he uses as a part of his cloak. To his surprise, Kellhus outmatches him in their sword fight, but Cet'ingira overpowers him by using sorcery and forces the Dûnyain to flee.

The Thousandfold Thought[]

Drusas Achamian sees Cet'ingira in a Seswatha's dream relieved by Nautzera. The Evil Siqû interrogates the ancient hero in the recently fallen Dagliash, but is broken himself and weeps at his own degradation and the pain he causes Seswatha, who he viewed, in a way, his child. Achamian sees that completely covering the walls of Dagliash are hundreds upon hundreds of twitching human forms, all held up by immense nails driven through their torsos and groins.

The Unholy Consult[]

At the battle of Golgotterath, Anâsurimbor Kellhus tears off his head. Thus died the Evil Siqû, and his soul was cast down to Hell, to suffer eternally.


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