Prince of Nothing

Cet'moyol was the son of Cu'huriol, King of Siöl, and the father of Cû'jara-Cinmoi[1].


Cet'moyol and his sister Linqirû engaged in an incestuous affair, leading to the birth of Cû'jara-Cinmoi[1]. After the birth of their son, both Cet'moyol and Linqirû were executed on their father's orders[1].

The affair between Cet'moyol and Linqirû is recounted in the Lay of Linqirû (also known as the Incest Song of Linqirû)[2][3]. It is also frequently compared to the legendary relationship between Tsonos and his sister Olissis[1][3].


  • Cet'moyol's name is spelled "Cet'moiol" in chapter 12 of The Great Ordeal[3].


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