Prince of Nothing

The Consult, Unholy Consult or Unholy Triumvirate is the cabal of sorcerers, Nonmen, and darker things that survived the death of the No-God in 2155 and has labored ever since to bring about his return.[1] It consists of Erratic Nonmen, the surviving members of the Mangaecca, and the two last Inchoroi.

The goal of the Consult is to reduce the number of souls in Eärwa below 144,000, which they believe will sever the connection between the World and the Outside and prevent the promised eternal damnation of their souls.[2]

The origin of the term Consult is that it is a union or alliance between three distinct races: humanity, represented by Shaeönanra; the Inchoroi, represented by Aurang; and the Nonmen, represented by Cet’ingira. Effectively these three individuals are the leaders of the Consult, although the representation of their races in the group radically differs. Men, originally of the Gnostic School of Mangaecca, by far make up the majority. The Inchoroi contingent consists of just two, Aurang and his brother Aurax. This compact was forged after Cet'ingira breached the Barricades and accessed the Incû-Holoinas, with Shaeönanra's assistance, in 1111.[3] At some point in the next seven or eight years they found the last Inchoroi and made their alliance. Their first act in this alliance was to kill Titirga, the head of the Sohonc and the greatest threat to them.[4]

For several decades, possibly longer, the Nonman Mansion of Ishterebinth has also aligned with the Consult, although not all of the inhabitants of the Mansion agreed with this course of action. Oirûnas, Lord of the Watch, killed those Ishroi most in favour of this alliance, leaving its future status unclear.[5]

Sranc, Bashrags, Wracu and skin-spies are tools and servants of the Consult, but are not actual members of it themselves.

Known Members[]


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