Prince of Nothing

The Cult of Yatwer is the traditional Cult of the slave and menial castes, taking as its primary scriptures, The Chronicle of the Tusk, the Higarata, and the Sinyatwa. Yatwer is the Goddess of the earth, fertility and servitude.[1][2]

According to census records, six out of ten caste-menials regularly attend some form of Yatwerian rite, making Yatwer the most popular of the Hundred Gods.[2]

Despite the vast numbers of adherents enjoyed by the Cult, it remains one of the more impoverished, and generates a huge number of zealous devotees as a result.[3]


  • Sharhild— High-Priestess of the Cult.
  • Vethenestra— Chalfantic Oracle.
  • Eleva— High-Priestess of the Cult.
  • Maharta— High-Priestess of the Cult.
  • Phoracia— High-Priestess of the Cult.
  • Aethiola— High-Priestess of the Cult.


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