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Eärwa 4109 Year-of-the-Tusk by Spiralhorizon

Eärwa (“[Land of the] Felled Sun” in Thoti-Eännorean), is the traditional name of all the lands to the west of the Great Kayarsus Mountains.[1] It is counted as one of three continents or subcontinents[2] of the World, lying to the west of Eänna and north of Kutnarmu. It was the site of the First Apocalypse, the Holy War and the current Great Ordeal.

Eärwa is divided into several regions:

  • The Ancient North: once the heart of human civilization before its ruin in the First Apocalypse, now dominated by the Sranc.[3]
  • The Three Seas: the current heart of human civilization, a cluster of nations and cities arrayed around three great bodies of water, divided between the faiths of Inrithism and Fanimry.[4]
  • Zeüm: an isolationist power in the far west of Eärwa, separated from the rest of the continent by the Atkondras Mountains.[5]
  • Kutnarmu: the region south of the Three Seas, consisting of little-known and little-explored desert regions. Kutnarmu may be a separate continent or subcontinent.[6]


Eärwa is home to three known intelligent species:

  • Humans, commonly called Men, are the dominant species of the continent, numbering approximately 75 million souls, most of them clustered around the Three Seas. Although small roving bands of primitive humans have existed in Eärwa since the dawn of recorded time, they only arrived on the continent in force 4,132 years ago during the epic Breaking of the Gates.
  • Nonmen, an ancient and immortal species. The original inhabitants of Eärwa, the entire female half of the species was murdered in the horrific event known as the Womb Plague, which took place at least five millennia ago and potentially far more. The male half of the species endures, but with limited means of reproduction (they can reproduce with human females, but such offspring mostly die and very few survive) their numbers have dwindled and the survivors have grown increasingly insane due to the passing of the millennia.
  • Inchoroi, an alien race which originated on another world. The Inchoroi were brought to the World by a great Ark-of-the-Skies, the Incû-Holoinas, which crashed in the far north-west of Eärwa many thousands of years ago. They fought several wars against the Nonmen but were eventually defeated and almost completely wiped out. Only two Inchoroi remain living in Eärwa.

However, several of the weapon-races of the Inchoroi remain extant. The vile Bashrags and colossal, powerful Wracu are troubling, but do not survive in large numbers. Far more concerning are the Sranc, hideous, hostile and bestial creatures which dominate the northern half of the continent.


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