The Heron Spear, Suörgil (Shining Death), the weapon of the Inchoroi king Sil.


At the urging of Seswatha, founder of the School of Mandate, Anaxophus V, High King of Kyraneas, wields the Heron Spear against the No-God at Mengedda, thus ending the First Apocalypse.

A powerful artifact of the Inchoroi Tekne, so named because of its unique shape. The Heron Spear first appears in the Isûphiryas as Suörgil (“Shining Death” in Ihrimsû), the great “spear of light.”

It was taken by Cû’jara-Cinmoi from the corpse of Sil, the Inchoroi King, at the Battle of Pir Pahal. For millennia the Heron Spear lay in the possession of the Nonmen of Ishoriöl, until it was stolen by Cet’ingira and delivered to Golgotterath c. 750. Then in 2140 it was stolen again by Seswatha, who believed it to be the only weapon capable of destroying the No-God. For a brief time it was thought destroyed at the catastrophic Battle of Eleneöt Fields, but it reappeared in 2154 in the possession of Anaxophus V, High King of Kyraneas, who used it to slay the No-God at the Second Battle of Mengedda. For centuries it resided in Cenei, a treasured possession of the Aspect-Emperors, only to be lost once again when the Scylvendi sacked Cenei in 3351.

The Heron Spear’s whereabouts are presently unknown.[1]


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