Prince of Nothing

High Ainon in 4109

High Ainon is a Ketyai nation of the eastern Three Seas, and the only nation to be ruled by one of the Schools, the Scarlet Spires.

Founded in 3372 after Sarothesser I defeated General Maurelta at the Battle of Charajat, High Ainon has long been one of the most populous and powerful nations of the Three Seas. The agricultural production of the Secharib Plains combined with that of the River Sayut Delta and Valley supports both an extensive caste-nobility (noted for their wealth and their obsession with jnan) and an aggressive mercantilism. Ainoni ships can be found berthed in every port in the Three Seas. During the Scholastic Wars (3796-3818), the School of the Scarlet Spires, which is based in the capital, Carythusal, managed to destroy the army of King Horziah III and assumed indirect control of the nation’s primary institutions. The nominal head of state, the King-Regent, answers directly to the Grandmaster.[1]





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