Prince of Nothing

Concept sketch of the Inchoroi Ark-of-the-Skies.

The Ark of the Inchoroi topples from the void …

The Incû-Holoinas (“Ark-of-the-Skies” in Ihrimsû) is the great space-faring vessel that brought the Inchoroi from the void and became the golden heart of Golgotterath. The Ark's most famed feature are the two massive Golden Horns - or the "Oars of the Ark" - that protrude above the ground. It is assumed that the Horns were located at the rear of the vessel when it was in flight.[1] The Ark's crash-landing, in the event known as Arkfall was violent enough to damage one of the two horns, leaving one upright and the other slightly canted.[2]

A cavernous void opened before them. It reminded Seswatha of a ship’s ribbed hold, though pitched on its end, and far too vast to truly resemble any work of Men. Sheer golden faces reared into obscurity, hazed by the smoke of countless fires. Structures of mortise and hacked stone climbed their foundations, crusting their sides like stacked hornets’ nests, not dwellings but open cells, squalid and innumerable.
—The Ark’s interior as witnessed by Seswatha[3]

Some speculate that the Ark itself once lived; the Inchoroi call themselves “Children of the Ark” and the most ancient Nonmen songs refer to them as “the Orphans.”[4]


The size of the Ark is heavily disputed by scholars, even in Far Antiquity, with accounts varying tremendously.

According to one source, the Ark in totality is three thousand cubits in length, five hundred in width, and three hundred in depth.[5] However, ancient Nonman records and the Isûphiryas place the size of the Upright Horn alone at over ten thousand Nonman cubits in length. Sohonc measurements, rooted in mathematics and the measurement of the Horn's shadow, give an allegedly far more accurate reading of 9,724 Umeritic cubits in length.[6] This suggests that the Upright Horn alone may exceed 13,700 feet (or 2.6 miles) in height. The Nonman measurements would be double this.


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