Prince of Nothing

The Mandate is a Gnostic School founded by Seswatha in 2156 to continue the war against the Consult and to protect the Three Seas from the return of the No-God.

Based in Atyersus, the Mandate maintains missions in several different cities about the Three Seas and embassies in the courts of all the Great Factions. Aside from its apocalyptic calling, the Mandate is distinct from the other sorcerous Schools in several respects, not the least of which is its possession of the Gnosis, a monopoly it has been able to protect for almost two thousand years. The Mandate also differs in the fanaticism of its members: apparently, all sorcerers of rank continuously dream Seswartha's experiences of the Apocalypse every night, the effect of a sorcerous rite called the Grasping, where initiates reputedly submit to incantations while holding Seswatha's mummified heart. Also, the members of the Mandate elect an executive council (called the Quorom) rather than an individual Grandmaster to further guard against deviations from their core mission.

Typically, the Mandate can boast between fifty and sixty sorcerers of rank, and perhaps twice that number of initiates. These numbers, which are typical of minor Anagogic Schools, are deceptive, however, since the power of the Gnosis makes the Mandate more than a match for schools as large as, say, the Scarlet Spires. Because of this power, the School has long been courted by the Kings of Conriya[1].

Mandate sorcerers will never reveal the secrets of the Gnosis, even under torture, because the spirit of Seswatha prevents them[2].

Known Members[]


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