Prince of Nothing

The Mangaecca was the ancient rival to the School of Sohonc, and last of the four original Gnostic Schools.

From its founding in 684 by Sos-Praniura, the greatest student of Gin’yursis, the School of Mangaecca had pursued a predatory ethos, regarding knowledge as the embodiment of power. Though this earned the School an ambiguous and seedy reputation, the Mangaecca managed to avoid running afoul of the High Gnostic Writ, the edict of King Nincama-Telesser circumscribing sorcerous conduct.

Then, in 777, they were contacted by a demented Nonman Erratic named Cet’ingira. At his behest, they discovered the Incû-Holoinas, the dread Ark of the Inchoroi. Over the following centuries, the Mangaecca Grandmasters continued their excavations of the Ark and their investigations of the Tekne. However, their repeated attempts to break into the Ark were met with failure. In 1123, rumours began spreading that Shaeönanra, then Grandmaster of the Mangaecca, had finally entered the Ark and discovered a catastrophic means to undo the scriptural damnation of sorcerers. The School was promptly outlawed, and the remainder of the School fled to Golgotterath, abandoning Sauglish forever.

By the time of the Apocalypse, they had transformed into what would be called the Consult.[1]

Known Members[]


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