Prince of Nothing

A Mansion is a Nonman stronghold, city and fortress, typically subterranean or built into the interior of large mountains or hill. At their height the Nonmen established dozens of such settlements across Eärwa, stretching right across the continent.

The Nine Great Mansions before Arkfall.

The centres of Nonmen culture and society were the Nine Great Mansions, named and located as follows:

Other Mansions were founded, such as the one found just a few hours from Shimeh, but these were of a significantly lesser order and generally held fealty to one of the Nine.

Siöl claimed to be the First Mansion, the ancestral home of all Nonmen, founded directly by the progenitors of the Nonmen race in a time so ancient as to defy reckoning. For this reason Siöl took the title "House Primordial", a term used to refer to both the Mansion and its ruling family. Extant records support this, tracing a line of founding from Siöl to first Ishoriöl, Viri, Illisserû, and Cil-Aujas. Those Mansions turn later founded Curunq, Incissal, and Cil-Aumûl. Nihrimsul was founded separately and outside of this line of descent, although its claim to have originally founded Siöl (and thus being the true House Primordial) was hotly denied by Siöl.[1][2]


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