Prince of Nothing

The Meöri Empire (or Meörn Empire) is a lost nation of the Ancient North.

Founded as a trading stronghold by Akksersian colonists c. 850, the city of Kelmeöl grew rapidly, and its people, the Meöri, progressively asserted more and more authority over the neighbouring White Norsirai tribes. By the time Borswelka I was declared King in 1021, it had become an agressive, militaristic city-state. By the time his grandson Borswelka II died in 1104, it had conquered most of the River Vosa Basin and had established trading contracts with Shir to the south through a series of forts along the River Wernma. Strategically situated, and without any regional competitors, the Meöri Empire, as it came to be called, flourished as a mercantile nation. It collapsed with the destruction of Kelmeöl in 2150 during the Apocalypse.[1]



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