Prince of Nothing

The Nations of The Three Seas[]

The Continent of Eärwa

Eastern Three Seas[]

  • Conriya is a Ketyai nation in the eastern Three Seas. Founded after the collapse of the Eastern Ceneian Empire, it is based around the ancient capital of Aoknyssus. Nowhere is the caste system more strictly enforced than in Conriya.
  • Galeoth is a Norsirai nation on the northern edge of the Three Seas, founded by the descendants of the White Norsirai from the Apocalypse. Its capital is Oswenta, and its people have a reputation for fractitiousness and treachery.
  • Ce Tydonn is a Norsirai nation of the Three Seas. It was founded after the collapse of the Ketyai nation of Cengemis, by wandering refugees from the Apocalypse. The Cengemi are now tributary to the Tydonni, a hardened people who view themselves as racially superior to all others.
  • Thunyerus is a young Norsirai nation of the Three Seas, whose barbarian people are raiders at sea. It was founded through a bond of Thunyeri tribes, and it only recently converted to Inrithism.
  • High Ainon is the dominant Ketyai nation of the eastern Three Seas. It was founded after the collapse of the Eastern Ceneian Empire and has been ruled by the Scarlet Spires for near a thousand years. Most populous on the continent, the Ainoni are a highly cultured people.

Western Three Seas[]

Western Three Seas; Kian detail

  • The Nansur Empire is a Ketyai nation of the western Three Seas and the inheritor of the enormous Ceneian Empire. At the height of its power, the Nansur Empire extended from Galeoth in the north to Nilnamesh in the south, but it has been much reduced by centuries of warfare against the Fanim of Kian.
  • Kian is the most powerful Ketyai nation of the western Three Seas by far. Alone in the Three Seas, its religion is Fanimry. Extending from the southern frontier of the Nansur Empire all the way to Nilnamesh, Kian was founded relatively recently and expanded through conquest.

The Far West[]

  • Zeüm is a large and mysterious nation in the west, far beyond the Three Seas. Its people are black-skinned and little is known of it.