The Norsirai are the second largest of the Five Tribes of Men. They are typically a tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed race predominantly concentrated along the northern fringes of the Three Seas, although they once dominated the continent of Eärwa and ruled all the lands northward to the Yimaleti Mountains.[1] The Norsirai were once the most powerful race of Men, but after the disasters of the Apocalypse, they have been vastly diminished in power and numbers. They are traditionally divided into the High Norsirai and White Norsirai; the former were tutored by the Nonmen and founded urban civilizations of Ancient North, while the latter remained wilder and nomadic for a longer time. The ancient empires of the High Norsirai were all destroyed in the Apocalypse; the contemporary Norsirai nations all descend from the White Norsirai. They speak tongues belonging to the language group Vasnosri.

Achamian states that Norsirai are tall because they eat more red meat than the other tribes of man.

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