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Timeline: covering over five thousand years of Eärwa’s history.

  • 0—The legendary Breaking of the Gates, the name given to the assault on the Gates of Eärwa, a series of fortified passes through the Great Kayarsus, by the Men of Eänna. Angeshraël, the most famed Old Prophet of the Tusk, leads the Five Tribes of Men: the Norsirai, the Ketyai, the Satyothi, the Scylvendi, and the Xiuhianni into Eärwa, though according to The Chronicle of the Tusk, the Xiuhianni refused to follow the other four tribes. This marks the beginning of the Second Age.
  • ?—The Prophet Angeshraël incites the Four Nations of Men to embark on a holy war of extermination against the Nonmen. Men and Nonmen fight the Cûno-Halaroi Wars, of which very few accounts exist. Within the course of a few generations, the Nonmen were nearly exterminated. Only the Mansions of Ishoriöl and Cil-Aujas survived.
  • ?—The Jiünati Steppe is inhabited by Scylvendi pastoralists.
  • ?—Over a relatively brief period of time, the High Norsirai tribes that settled the rich alluvial plains along the lower River Aumris founded the first cities of Men, including Trysë, Sauglish, Etrith, and Ûmerau. As a result of trade with the Nonmen of Injor-Niyas, the power and sophistication of the Aumris River civilization grows quickly.
  • c. 300 / 4th c.—High Norsirai city-states along the River Aumris unite under Cûnwerishau, the God-King of Trysë. Sometime in the fourth century, Cûnwerishau and Nil’giccas, the Nonman King of Ishoriöl, make a treaty between their two peoples, the first between Nonmen and Men. As part of the treaty, Cûnwerishau is given a copy of the Isûphiryas, the great work chronicling the history of the Nonmen prior to the Breaking of the Gates.
  • c. 430—God-Kings of Trysë are overthrown. The Ûmeri Empire, the first great nation of Men, encompassing the length of the River Aumris, is founded.
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The Dûnyain have surrendered themselves to the Logos, to what you would call reason and intellect. We seek absolute awareness, the self-moving thought. The thoughts of all men arise from the darkness. If you are the movement of your soul, and the cause of that movement precedes you, then how could you ever call your thoughts your own? How could you be anything other than a slave to the darkness that comes before?

Anasûrimbor Kellhus

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