The Scylvendi are one the Five Tribes of Men. They are a dark-haired, light-eyed, and fair-skinned race of nomads who are predominantly concentrated on and around the Jiünati Steppe[1]. They speak the Skaaric language.


The Scylvendi are divided into a number of independent tribes, each with its own Chieftain. Only when the tribes gather for war against non-Scylvendi outsiders will the tribal leaders elect an overall monarch, a King-of-Tribes, and only for the duration of the conflict.


The Scylvendi are cattle-herders, and sustain themselves from their cattle which they move around the steppe with the seasons for grazing. As mounted nomads who despise the farmers and city-dwellers, they regard themselves as the "People of War".


During the Apocalypse, the Scylvendi fought on the side of the No-God. They continue to worship it under the name Lokung ("Dead-God")[2]. The Scylvendi believe that the other nations of the Three Seas bear the blood-guilt of deicide, and perpetually fight wars against them to avenge their god[3].



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