Prince of Nothing

At the urging of Seswatha, founder of the School of Mandate, Anaxophus V, High King of Kyraneas, wields the Heron Spear against the No-God at Mengedda, thus ending the First Apocalypse.

Seswatha was the founder of the School of Mandate and an implacable enemy of the Consult throughout the Apocalypse.

Born the caste-menial son of a Trysean bronzesmith, Seswatha was identified as one of the Few at a very young age and brought to Sauglish to study with the Gnostic School of Sohonc. A prodigy, he became the youngest sorcerer of rank in the history of the Sohonc at the age of fifteen. During this time he became fast friends with Anasûrimbor Celmomas II, a so-called "Hostage of the Sohonc", as the School referred to its resident exoteric students. As this strategic friendship might suggest, Seswatha proved an adroit political operator, both before becoming Grandmaster and after, forging relationships with important personages across the Three Seas, including Nil'giccas, the Nonman King of Ishterebinth, and Anaxophus V, who would become the High King of Kyraneas. These skills, in addition to his peerless command of the Gnosis, would make him the natural, if not the titular, leader of the various wars waged against the Consult before the Apocalypse. He and Celmomas would become estranged during this time, apparently because Celmomas resented Seswatha's influence over his youngest son, Anasûrimbor Nau-Cayûti, but legends have long circulated that Nau-Cayûti was in fact Seswatha's son, the product of an illicit union between him and Sharal, the most prized of Celmomas's wives. They would not be reconciled until the eve of the Apocalypse -- after it was far too late.[1]

Seswatha's mummified heart remains in possession of the School of Mandate, and is used in the Grasping, a rite which grants all Mandate sorcerers Seswatha's Dreams.[2]

The Sranc called Seswatha by the name "Chigra", meaning "Slaying Light"; a term which is still in use by skin-spies to refer to Mandate sorcerers.[3]


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