Prince of Nothing

Sranc are violent, inhuman creatures first created by the Inchoroi as instruments of war against the Nonmen. Capable of language, they speak Aghurzoi (“Cut Tongue” in Ihrimsû).

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According to the Isûphiryas, the Sranc are one of the “Weapon Races” created by the Inchoroi to prosecute their war of extermination against the Nonmen and their Emwama slaves.


The motivations of the Sranc seem to be as base as imaginable, in that they seem to find sexual gratification in acts of violence. There are innumerable accounts of the indiscriminate rape of men, women, children, and even corpses. They seem to know nothing of mercy or honour, and though they do take prisoners, very few are known to have survived captivity, which is said to be savage beyond imagining.


They reproduce rapidly. Though no outward physical differences are readily visible, female Sranc seem to have roles identical to those of male Sranc. Apparently, a great number of Sranc in various stages of pregnancy were observed in battle over the course of the Apocalypse. Though generally inferior to Men in individual combat, they are ideal logistically, as they are able to live for sustained periods on little more than grubs and insects. Survivors recount tales of vast tracts of ground overturned and rooted by passing Sranc hordes. Under the command of the No-God they are utterly fearless, and seem to strike with unerring control and coordination.


Typically, Sranc stand no higher than the average caste-menial’s shoulder. Their skin is devoid of pigment, and despite the refined—to the point of repulsiveness—beauty of their faces, their physiognomy is bestial (though hairless), with pinched shoulders and deep, almond-shaped breasts. They are exceedingly fast across both open and broken terrain, and their sheer viciousness is said to compensate for their slight stature.


Mandate scholars are prone to make dire warnings about the present numbers of Sranc in Eärwa. Apparently the ancient Norsirai had reduced the Sranc, pressing them to the margins of Eärwa, and the No-God was still able to summon hosts that reportedly blackened the horizon. Now Sranc dominate half the continent.[1]

Related Species[]

Ursranc are a subspecies of Sranc that have been bred for obedience.

Other Names[]

Sranc were first called Anyasiri (“Tongueless Howlers” in Ihrimsû) by the Nonmen.[2] They are colloquially known as “skinnies” by the scalpers who hunt them for the Holy Bounty.

Known Tribes[]


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