The Thousandfold Thought is the third novel in both The Prince of Nothing trilogy and The Second Apocalypse series. It was published in 2006.

The text of the novel was accompanied by an "Encyclopedic Glossary", an extensive guide to the people, places and history of Eärwa. A second and updated Encyclopedic Glossary was later published in The Unholy Consult.

Publisher’s SummaryEdit

The Darkness That Comes Before, R. Scott Bakker’s magnificent debut, drew thunderous acclaim from reviewers and fellow fantasy authors. Readers were invited into a darkly threatening, thrillingly imaginative universe as fully realized as that of any in modern fantasy and introduced to one of the genre’s great characters: the powerful warrior-philosopher Anasûrimbor Kellhus, on whom the fate of a violently apocalyptic Holy War rests.

Bakker’s follow up to The Darkness That Comes Before, The Warrior-Prophet enticed readers further into the richly imagined world of myth, violence, and sorcery. The startling and far-reaching answers to these questions are brought into thrilling focus in The Thousandfold Thought, the conclusion to The Prince of Nothing trilogy.

Casting into question all the action that has taken place before, twisting readers’ intuitions in unforeseen directions, remolding the fantasy genre to broaden the scope of intricacy and meaning, R. Scott Bakker has once again written a fantasy novel that defies all expectations and rewards the reader with an experience unlike any to be had in the canon of fantasy literature.

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