Prince of Nothing

The White-Luck Warrior is the second novel in the Aspect-Emperor trilogy and the fifth in The Second Apocalypse series. It was published in 2011.

Publisher’s Summary[]

The Aspect-Emperor trilogy follows on from the acclaimed Prince of Nothing saga, and The White-Luck Warrior is the chilling second book in the new series.

Ruler Anasûrimbor Kellhus and his Great Ordeal march ever farther into the Ancient North, as his consort Esmenet finds herself at war. Exiled wizard Achamian, meanwhile, leads his own ragtag mission to the legendary ruins of Sauglish. Into this tumult walks the White-Luck Warrior, assassin and messiah both.

In this ambitious volume, Bakker delves even further into his richly imagined universe of myth, violence, and sorcery.

Point of View Characters[]