Varalt Sorweel III is the King of Sakarpus and the only son of Varalt Harweel II, the former King of Sakarpus.


The Judging EyeEdit

In Sakarpus, Sorweel finds himself staring down upon the boggling might of the Great Ordeal. Standing with his father on the high curtain walls, he realizes that he and his people are doomed. King Harweel commands that Sorweel be taken to safety. Dragged away screaming, the young man watches sorcerous flames engulf the parapets and his father upon them. A desperate flight ensues, and it seems that the Aspect-Emperor himself pursues them through the chaotic streets. The pursuit ends in the apparent safety of the citadel. Blasting through walls, Anasûrimbor Kellhus kills his protectors, embraces the Prince, and tells him that he is forgiven.

The city secured, Sorweel becomes the new king of Sacarpus. Before the host departs, Moënghus and Kayûtas, the eldest sons of Anasûrimbor Kellhus, visit him in his palace. They tell him he is to join the Ordeal as the symbol of his nation's commitment to their holy cause. The following day Sorweel finds himself part of the Scions, a horse company composed of princely hostages from across the rim of the New Empire. This is how he meets and befriends Zsoronga ut Nganka’kull, the Successor Prince of Zeüm. A Mandate sorcerer named Eskeles is assigned to tutor him in Sheyic, the common tongue of the Three Seas, and through him the young King learns the reasons why so many worship the Aspect-Emperor so fervently. For the first time he begins to doubt his father... What if the Aspect-Emperor spoke true?

Sorweel is also provided a slave named Porsparian to attend to his needs. One night Sorweel watches him tear away the turf and mould the face of the Goddess Yatwer from the dirt. Before his eyes, mud bubbles up as spit from her earthen lips. The slave palms this mud and smears it across the incredulous King's cheeks.

The following morning Sorweel attends a Council of Potentates with Zsoronga and Eskeles. He watches the Aspect-Emperor move from lord to lord, declaring the truths they think hidden in their souls. He fears what will happen when he sees the hatred and treachery smouldering in his own. But when Anasûrimbor Kellhus comes to him, he congratulates Sorweel for grasping the truth and, before everyone assembled, declares him one of the Believer-Kings.

The White-Luck WarriorEdit

The Unholy ConsultEdit


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