Wutteät is a wracu, ancient beyond measure. He claims to have lived aboard the Incû-Holoinas as it visited many worlds before crashing in Eärwa; and to have been the first being to depart the Ark, bearing Sil the Inchoroi King upon it.[1]

Wutteät's neck was reportedly broken by the Nonman warrior Ciögli during the Cûno-Inchoroi Wars.[2] However, he apparently survived and recovered, as the Mandate records him as being involved in the later Apocalypse.

After the Apocalypse, Wutteät came to reside in the ruins of the Library of Sauglish. He grew old, blind, and decrepit over the subsequent two thousand years; he would occasionally fly out in search of cities to destroy, but was unable to find any. In 4132, his den was discovered by Drusas Achamian and Nil’giccas. The two fought the Wracu and eventually forced him to flee, though they were unable to kill him.


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